Everything You Wanted to Know About Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a major step towards the future in the field of cloud computing. It is a cloud platform which offers over 165 fully-featured services globally from a single data centre. Cloud computing is a necessity for big and small businesses today to manage and store their data. It was launched by Amazon in 2006 for host cloud computing, but less we knew about its purpose back in those days. Now that it is coming to its true form, it has become the largest platform for cloud computing products and services.

AWS is able to store the data for the businesses of the entire world in its massive storage library, which is divided into parts for being more efficient.  The two largest products of AWS are EC2, which is Amazon’s virtual machine service and S3, Amazon’s storage system. Apart from which there are other services as well, such as Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud( Amazon VPC). Some of the features of AWS are computing, servers, networking, security, email, and mobile development. It offers more than 165 services with over 40 exclusives. It also offers artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to the users. Let us take a deeper look at the services offered by AWS.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

EC2 is a web-based service virtual server for businesses to run their applications. These servers are called instances, which allow access for the compute capacity on the global AWS data centres.

Database Management

This service includes the Amazon Relational Database Service (AWS) and handles all the data for the businesses. It is compatible software for all  kinds of database engines that allow users to migrate, recover,and backup their important data anytime.


Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows users to control their entire segment of the AWS cloud. AWS also provides productive tools to balance network traffic, using VPC.


Amazon Simple Storage Service a.k.a. S3 offers scalable storage for users to create their personal data backup for up to 5 Gigabytes. It has S3 bucket feature which allows users to store their data and files, as well as another storage tier for the long-term cold storage called Amazon Glacier and Amazon Elastic Block Store.

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is an additional storage service by AWS which provides low-cost cloud storage services for cold data storage. It provides users to store their data for a long time before retrieving it. This will help the businesses to save their money from spending on cloud storage services.

Amazon Elastic Block Store

It is block-level storage which can run even when the Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) is shut down. It allows users to store their data in block storages, which can be retrieved from the cloud anytime without the need of operating EC2.