Making Blogging Sites, Content Marketing Count

In order to make blogging sites, content marketing is a necessary component. Creating and maintaining these sites requires that you have a plan to put them all together. This will be the foundation for building your business or developing one that you may already have. After all, when blogging sites, content is the foundation. Without content, your site will be nothing more than a basic list of links that do nothing to help customers find you. Content also builds credibility in your readers’ eyes. Why is this important? Because if they like your site, they’ll likely do business with you;...

Network Security Audits and Their Importance

A network security audit should be conducted for every network. The result of this examination will reveal whether or not you are adequately protecting your network against intrusion. An unsecured network is a target for hackers. One of the most serious security issues in networks is the possibility of unauthorized access. This can occur from remote access of network files and systems, or from malicious software on the networks that has been hacked. In order to verify that the perimeter of your network is adequately protected, a network security audit should be conducted. The network security audit should be based...

How Business Technology Is Changing the Workplace

The Evolving World of Work And Technology There has been an explosion of innovation in business technology, including telecommunications. It seems to be ever-increasing in all sectors and with the passage of time it seems that these areas are coming up with more innovative solutions. Do you use work cell phones? Are you on the lookout for new alternatives to email? In this article we would be talking about how business technology is changing the world of work. With the advancement of telecommunication, it has helped in increasing the productivity in any business. Business is no longer confined to a...

Future Technologies Will Be Stellar

The Future of Technology is Bright From flying cars and supercomputer mega-server farm to mini computers and 3D printers, we are seeing new technologies from such high-tech companies and equipment going into the marketplace, and some areas, even the luxury market is getting an upgrade. From “futuristic” super airliners to living rooms that aren’t a work of art in the traditional sense, we have to be ready for this future of technology to watch in 2020. We don’t have to wait decades, but we do need to get on board. “It was the best of times; it was the worst...
What is next after cloud computing?

What is next after cloud computing?

Cloud computing has been the new big thing around the world for more than a decade now. All the big large industries have moved on to cloud computing soon enough after the companies such as Oracle and Amazon have come up with management solutions for all kinds of businesses. AWS itself serves 80% of the top 500 enterprises in the world. Even the biggest government organisations and banks around the world have switched to cloud for their database management. So what is next? What can we expect from cloud computing in the coming years?

There are many technologies which now support cloud computing. Cloud shared infrastructure, containerization, and serverless architecture are to name a few. These technologies are being improvised every day to come up with products which can help the businesses to grow more efficiently. With several ideas and platforms to work from, cloud computing can be expected to build on these technologies.

Edge computing

Edge computing is a concept which can process the data produced by the internet of things. The computation is distributed to nodes known as devices. These nodes then perform the functions given to them. It plays a significant role in smart cities, cloud gaming, computing, multimedia applications and more. IoT and Edge computing are the sub-divisions of cloud computing which are getting improvised every day.



Cryptocurrency is predicted to be benefitted from cloud computing a lot. It can help in more refined money management for multinational corporations globally. Cryptocurrency can be cheap, quick, and reliable than the government currencies. Bitcoin is already a huge cryptocurrency entirely dependent on the cloud.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is one of the important technologies which is growing at a rapid rate. Artificial Intelligence is also being improvised to learn the needs of users to come up with logical solutions. With the help of IoT and proper research, we can have the software and applications to perform most of the tasks of data storage and management.

 The growth of complexity

The companies are coming up with new ways to solve the complexities of the programs. As we keep on growing our services, we also need to understand the complexities we will face for the future of cloud computing. There are two types of complexities:

Technical Complexities

Technical complexities are increasing day by day for cloud computing with the introduction to new needs of businesses and users. But it is a cycle which keeps on running. As the new technologies arrive, people will learn new complexities and start solving them slowly until they find new technology.

Management complexities

Companies face several management issues, but they can be eliminated with the help of skilled technicians. Different devices (mobile and stable) used by employees and organisations can be used to improvise on the solution, and a new way to process the management can be discovered. All the devices can be attached to the company’s network to utilize the resources.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a major step towards the future in the field of cloud computing. It is a cloud platform which offers over 165 fully-featured services globally from a single data centre. Cloud computing is a necessity for big and small businesses today to manage and store their data. It was launched by Amazon in 2006 for host cloud computing, but less we knew about its purpose back in those days. Now that it is coming to its true form, it has become the largest platform for cloud computing products and services.

AWS is able to store the data for the businesses of the entire world in its massive storage library, which is divided into parts for being more efficient.  The two largest products of AWS are EC2, which is Amazon’s virtual machine service and S3, Amazon’s storage system. Apart from which there are other services as well, such as Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud( Amazon VPC). Some of the features of AWS are computing, servers, networking, security, email, and mobile development. It offers more than 165 services with over 40 exclusives. It also offers artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to the users. Let us take a deeper look at the services offered by AWS.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

EC2 is a web-based service virtual server for businesses to run their applications. These servers are called instances, which allow access for the compute capacity on the global AWS data centres.

Database Management

This service includes the Amazon Relational Database Service (AWS) and handles all the data for the businesses. It is compatible software for all  kinds of database engines that allow users to migrate, recover,and backup their important data anytime.


Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows users to control their entire segment of the AWS cloud. AWS also provides productive tools to balance network traffic, using VPC.


Amazon Simple Storage Service a.k.a. S3 offers scalable storage for users to create their personal data backup for up to 5 Gigabytes. It has S3 bucket feature which allows users to store their data and files, as well as another storage tier for the long-term cold storage called Amazon Glacier and Amazon Elastic Block Store.

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is an additional storage service by AWS which provides low-cost cloud storage services for cold data storage. It provides users to store their data for a long time before retrieving it. This will help the businesses to save their money from spending on cloud storage services.

Amazon Elastic Block Store

It is block-level storage which can run even when the Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) is shut down. It allows users to store their data in block storages, which can be retrieved from the cloud anytime without the need of operating EC2.

Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

Cloud Computing Trends in 2019

Cloud computing the future of businesses for managing their database, employees and customers. It is cost-effective, more secure, and faster than physical servers. It does not require space or maintenance as it is being taken care of the service providers. Along with which, it also provides flexibility to users to customize their own solutions according to their needs with a pretty easy user interface. Industrial giants like Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon provide cloud-based computing solutions to businesses around the globe which the help of which there are new solutions popping up every day. Here is a list of the best cloud computing trends in 2019.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Solutions

Hybrid cloud is expected to become a dominant business model in the future. Depending entirely on the cloud can be a difficult task for a company as a public cloud can be vulnerable to information leaks and malfunctioning, which can affect important information. Hybrid cloud is a blend between physical and open or private cloud. This allows companies to shift to cloud computing more effectively while keeping their data safe.

Multi-cloud is the next stage of cloud evolution which allows a user to control and run an application, workload, or data on any cloud according to their requirements. It allows companies to have multiple clouds to store their data. Multi-cloud strategies can be expected to take over in the coming years.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is also a trending cloud procedure. It requires a cloud user to make a request for container PaaS (Platform as a Service), and Cloud supplier charges for the Paas. This gives the freedom to customers to make their own products without the need for purchasing services or tools. The cloud will itself provide the platform, its configuration, and a wide range of tools for designing unique applications.

Data Containers

Data Containers

The process of Data Container is supposed to grow in the coming years. The storage, transfer, and organization of data is very crucial and requires great security and efficiency. The container is able to provide a safe and running transfer of data form a system to another even during problems of disconnection.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms

AI is one for the revolutionary projects the world is working towards today. The use of AI to process data is one of the most expected upgrades by the industries. AI will be able to read the data and requirements of the user and will be able to provide the right solutions for better functioning of the business. It supports a faster, more effective, and more efficient approach to work together with humans. It can help to reduce the cost and improve the work process.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a result of IoT devices which use data processing at the edge of the network to streamline cloud computing. Edge computing is essential for running real-time services to maintain the flow of traffic as the user interacts with the interface of an application. It can provide real-time data analytics and analysis, which makes it one of the most tested procedures of cloud computing.